18 year old Yusuf arrived from Somalia four years ago and was given permission to stay in the UK as a refugee. Another charity referred him to RSN for help with passing his exams at college and he has now been meeting with an RSN mentor for a year and a half. He recently passed his GCSEs, a huge achievement, and is now looking forward to moving towards university. We asked him to tell us about the impact of RSN's mentoring programme:

How do you think that having a mentor has changed you?

It has had a huge impact from where I started to where I am now.  At the beginning I was really struggling. There has been a huge change in order to progress this far.  I have a few friends who were ahead of me when I came to this country but because of the mentor and hard work I am now ahead. Sometimes I feel scared of teachers at college but [my mentor], he teaches you in a really good way.  This is really helpful and means I am much less stressed about lessons.

Tell us about a highlight from your mentoring sessions....

David [my mentor] was telling me about exam tips and how to use the time in the exam.  He told me to think about the questions and how to get the most marks by using the time effectively and leaving time at the end to check answers. I used these tips in my English GCSE and it really helped.  He has also helped me be less stressed about my exams.

What are your ambitions and plans for the future?

Mentoring has really helped me think about these things.  David has helped me look at scholarships, and kept me interested in university.  He has also given me time to chat about other options as well.

You can read Yusuf's story and find out more about the impact of our mentoring programme in our impact report, available here.

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