Tamana and Louise: safety, belonging and optimism

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4 July 2017
“I would like to carry on my education and be a midwife. I’d like to study very hard.”  

Tamana, who came to the UK from Afghanistan when she was just 16, shares her hopes for the future. And her mentor, Louise, explains why she has chosen to volunteer with RSN to help Tamana improve her English and develop her sense of safety, belonging and optimism:

"I get a lot from working with Tamana.  It reminds me often of how lucky I am that I could access the education system in the way I did. She is so grateful for the opportunities she has which puts things into perspective for me. Mentoring is also just really fun...I would encourage everyone to get involved."

Listen to Tamana and Louise here

Tamana and Louise shared their stories as part of the ‘Child Migrants Welcome?’ project which aims to explore positive and negative experiences of newly arrived children, the importance of friendship, respect for difference and child attitudes to migration.

Visit the ‘Child Migrants Welcome?’ website

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