We set up our Youth Advisory Board in 2017 to give young people from across RSN's programmes a formal way of using their expertise and perspectives to shape the direction and development of our work. Motivated and thoughtful young people applied to be part of our Youth Advisory Board and now meet several times a year to discuss particular topics and to share their opinions on what we do, how we do it and how we could do it better. 

Meet the Board

Meron Haile

My name is Meron Haile and I am 25 years old. I am originally from Ethiopia and came to the UK in 2007. I first joined the RSN mentoring scheme in 2017 through my PA from Camden Social Services. I have completed BA Business Management degree in 2018 and currently in the process of completing my MA in Human Resources Management.  I am currently also working at Esme Fairbairn Foundation as a Resources Team Administrator.

To me education is an access to be successful in life. I believe that by attending school, college and university, it has gave me the opportunity to be open minded and learn and develop different kinds of skills such as effective communication, organisational, time management, problem solving, working under pressure and prioritisation skills.Therefore, I believe that it is significant for a young person to be educated in order to expand their knowledge, develop their own perspective of life and to have own point of view in life.

When I was at the university, my mentor from RSN made a positive impact on my life through encouragement and support. Hence, in the future, I hope to join the mentoring scheme in order to give back what RSN’s mentoring scheme has given me.

What I enjoy the most about being part of YAB is that it gives me the opportunity to meet with different kinds of young people who are from different cultural backgrounds and life experiences. I also enjoy the fact that we have discussions on different matters and work on finding solutions to help other young people who are like us so that they have a better future through education

Hamid Khan 

My name is Hamid Khan. I come from Afghanistan. I am 30 year old. I first met with RSN during my graduation from college back in 2012. I am the chair of the Youth Advisory Board.

I was part of higher education mentoring program. Education is life-it’s a map to guide you into the right path- I believe education is the way to make difference between good and bad, it’s a source to help people understand what is happening in there life,society we live and the world around us and by using education in the right way we can build brighter future for ourselves/the people around us as well as the world around we live in. Not working but Looking for work to make my self more educated and put my education into practice to help my self-society and the world around me.

My hopes for future are education for everyone without any restrictions-peaceful world and unity in humanity regardless of race/religion and any other political policies. Favourite thing about YAB is seeing young people from different backgrounds and working together for the same purpose which is education and bright future.

Etleva Milloshi 

Hello! My name is Etleva Milloshi, I am from Albania and I am 23 years old. 

I first met RSN in 2013. At that time I was working with a kind woman called Sarah who was mentoring me and helping me to learn English.

Education to me is very important to me, because if I will be able to finish my education and I get a degree, that means my chances of getting a good job and becoming successful will increase. I am currently studying Biomedicine at university and when I am not studying I am working as a Medicines Counter Assistant at a pharmacy. I have a lot of hopes for the future, but the main one at the moment is finishing my degree at university.

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