We love it when friends and supporters ask if they can fundraise for us. Your support also sends a clear message that you're with young refugees and asylum seekers on their journey towards hope and flourishing and, as a small charity, your contributions really do make a difference.

Email Freya for a copy of our 'Raising funds for RSN: the complete guide' 

"Why should I support RSN?"

We are a dynamic and strategic organisation, big enough to make an impact but small enough to respond quickly to identified needs. And because we’re small, your help and support really does go far.

By raising funds for RSN,

  • you will be a powerful advocate for young refugees; the challenges they face, the impact that education has in their lives, and their amazing courage and resilience. By fundraising for us, you’ll help put a human face on the ‘refugee crisis’ and will be getting really important stories and perspectives out there.
  • you will make the impossible possible: we don’t have a designated fundraiser so our aim to raise £40,000 from individual one off supporters will be impossible without you. We’d also love to grow our regular donations from £35,000 to £50,000. We won’t be able to fill that £15,000 gap unless people hear about us!
  • you can be confident that your support will make a tangible difference in the lives of young refugees: your donations will go directly to enabling young refugees to move forward in their education, grow in confidence and become more integrated in their new communities.

"How much do you need and what will the money I raise be spent on?"

Our budget this year is about £615,000 and we’d love to raise 10% of that from individual supporters like you and your friends.

This year, we're strengthening our educational mentoring hubs across London, Oxford, Birmingham and the East of England, and growing our capacity to provide specialist support for young refugees facing particular challenges with their education. Your support will enable newly-arrived young refugees to move forward in their education, grow in confidence and become more integrated in their new communities.

"Can you help me with my fundraising efforts?"

Of course! Our 'Fundraising for RSN: the complete guide' is full of useful stuff, including text you can adapt in publicising your fundraising efforts, suggestions for how and when to contact your friends about what you're doing and information about how we can promote your fundraising on our website and through our social media. Email Freya for a copy of this guide or to ask any other questions you may have.

"What kind of thing could I do to raise funds for RSN?"

The list is endless! All you need to do is find something you love to do, or want to challenge yourself to do, and get your friends to show support in some way.

  • Run, climb, bike! A 5k, 10k, half marathon or more - whatever you’d find fun and challenging. Why not get friends and colleagues to join you and do your challenge together.

  • Bake! Organise a cake sale or a bake off in your workplace.
  • Cook! Invite friends round for a meal and ask them to donate to RSN.
  • Clothes swaps, film screenings, gigs: put on an event that your friends would like to come to. Ask for donations, do a raffle...
  • Give your gifts! As your friends to donate to RSN in lieu of giving you birthday/wedding gifts.
  • Do your own thing: shave your head, give up chocolate, or anything unique.
  • Remember someone: Pay tribute to a loved one who cared about refugees by collecting donations for RSN in their memory.

"How do I get the money to you?"

  • JustGiving: If you’re organising an event or doing a sponsored activity, it’s easy to set up a page on JustGiving ('Raising funds for RSN: the complete guide' talks you through this in more detail). Your supporters can make donations directly through the online portal and JustGiving will then transfer the money to us. It’s a great way of showing everyone how much you’re hoping to raise and showing progress towards your target.
  • Cheque or bank transfer: If you gather cash and want to get it to us, you can send us a cheque (made payable to Refugee Support Network) or contact Kellie for our bank details.
  • One-off online payment: Click here to make a payment by card. If you're transferring money in this way, do drop us an email as well so that we can match the payment to your fundraising efforts. 

"I need a little inspiration. What have people done in the past?"

  •  Benedict Cumberbatch chose us as one of his birthday charities and his 'Fandom' donated to RSN to wish him a happy day
  • Verena came up with the idea of matching ancient objects to modern dilemmas and put on a beautiful celebration of middle eastern art, music and poetry
  • UCLU Christian Union held a Christmas carol concert and donated all the proceeds to RSN
  • Instead of sending Christmas cards, the staff in the Diocese of Southwark choose to donate the amount they would have spent to RSN
If you'd like to chat through your ideas or get any more fundraising help, please get in touch with us on [email protected] to talk further or to get your own copy of 'Raising funds for RSN: the complete guide'.

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