Abdullah from Afghanistan

​Abdullah's village had been taken over by the Taliban and his father forced to join the fighting. Abdullah escaped but his life was now in danger.


Fatimah is a captivating young woman from eastern Africa who has been living in the UK for approximately three years. She has a thirst for learning and education, and she has made huge progress in her learning over the past twelve months.

Hamid, student at Brighton University

Hamid from Afghanistan faced big barriers progressing to university. Hamid is now at Brighton University studying engineering.

Hussein from Syria

Many students have fled the country. Most of Syria’s refugees are in neighbouring countries, and just 0.1% have found safety in the UK.

Hyeon from North Korea

At such a young age, Hyeon has already overcome indescribable challenges in her life yet her hopes and dreams for the future remain strong.

Mariam and Darya

Young people seeking asylum face particular barriers when trying to enter higher education in the UK, primarily their ineligibility for student finance and their categorisation as ‘overseas’ students. High fees, coupled with their exclusion from student loans, puts university out of reach for many bright and motivated students.

Rahel from Eritrea

Eritrea has a history of conflict and still experiences great poverty and instability. Only 33% of girls enrol in primary school.

Tamana and Louise: the power of mentoring

Tamana and her mentor, Louise, talk about the things they've learned from each other.

Theodore from DRC

Theodore comes from a region where there are regular attacks on civilians. His family fled an attack and after they were killed he escaped to the UK.
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