The closure of schools has kept us from our friends and stopped us from sharing our creativity in this strange time. 

But it's not all doom and gloom. To keep us expressive and connected to the world and each other, RSN launched it's first ever photo competition. We received dozens of fantastic photos on the theme of 'learning in Covid-19', and we'd love to share them! 

A huge congratulations to everyone who entered the competition. There were so many great photos which were beautiful in their own way. Well done! 

Thank you so much to our celebrity guest Talia Collis for reviewing the photos and picking three winners. The number 1 winner was awarded a prize -  a fantastic camera from our new friends Analogue Supply. Thank you so much to both! 

You can view the winners pictures, and Talia's comments on them in the big reveal below! 

1st Prize Winner 

2nd Winner

"I went to Sky Garden just one-day before the second lockdown to enjoy the best London view and to take some photographs for my Instagram page. It was really amazing to be there and to left behind all the depression and anxiety. Fortunate to capture this, just one day before the second lockdown."

3rd Winner

There were some entries which were so good that, while they weren't chosen as the winners, we wanted to share them here. Well done!


"I can learn the nature. People work from home so they use vehicles less and we can see the clear sky and clouds. This picture also describes our life.We have lots of problems,happiness and sadness. Those are mixed together, like a tree. If they mix together that is a life."

"Learning in covid-19, life is temporary like leaves on a tree. I live alone without family or friends, work and college is hard so I can understand how they are impact in my life."

"This photo makes me feel warm. Everyone is trying to live in positive during the difficult time. The mum and kid were walked around the park and the trees are pretty. You can see the happiness and protection though the people and nurture when they connect together."

β€œIn lockdown I am improving my English with my mentor by Whereby every week. We had a wonderful time. I got English and maths results and also, she supported me with my assignment on Health and Social care. I done that and I got a certificate. Then on the others day I work at a Care Home, continuing my full time job. I am so happy 😁 Thank you so much for everything, stay blessed.”

"I took this photo on 8th November 2020, that was 3 days of second lockdown. No one thought that one day the streets and parks were empty, although we pass through a hard time, but people still laugh and are happy and have hope.  limitations make things difficult and also push you to become creative . No matter where you are, you should keep going and work hard on something you are passionate about. The rest will come."

Well done everyone! 

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