The Westheimer Health and Social Care Scholarship

The Westheimer Health and Social Care Scholarship enables young asylum seekers to pursue higher education. Ranging from an annual grant of £10-20k, this scholarship enables up to three young asylum seekers each year to study for a first degree or professional qualification in the field of health and social care.

Scholarship applications for the academic year 2017/18 will open in spring 2017. Please complete...

Refugee access to higher education in low-resource environments: research study

Working in partnership with Jigsaw Consult , we have recently completed a year-long study that contributes to forming a better understanding of how higher education can be provided effectively to refugees in low-resource environments.

The two main outputs from the research are a landscape review and a primary research study. These are best read in combination and can be downloaded here:


Access to higher education for young refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of trafficking: training for practitioners

RSN’s access to higher education (HE) training for practitioners enables participants to: Grapple with the particular difficulties that young refugees and asylum seekers face in accessing, remaining and progressing in HE Understand what different young people with a variety of immigration statuses are entitled to re: fee status, student finance, scholarships, grants and other forms of support Learn about the latest legal and policy developments affecting access to HE for young people in care...

"I just want to study": access to higher education for young refugees and asylum seekers

RSN's report " I just want to study" shows the extent of the barriers faced by young asylum seekers and refugees trying to access university. Launched in 2012 , "I just want to study" highlights the fact that while education for young people in countries such as Afghanistan and Iraq is seen as a priority for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), when these young people...

Unaccompanied refugee children: information and resources

As unaccompanied refugee children arrive from the informal camps in Calais, we want to ensure they have all the information and support they need, and we want to resource others to help them better. As we come across useful resources and training, we'll include them here.

Information and services for unaccompanied refugee children

Three new factsheets for unaccompanied refugee children (in Arabic, Kurdish, Pashto, Tigrinya, and Vietnamese) by the Who Cares? Trust, helping them to...

‘Thinking Ahead to Higher Education’ toolkit

RSN's 'Thinking Ahead to Higher Education' Toolkit has been designed for young people living in the UK who are unsure about how their immigration status will affect their access to university.

Full of useful information and practical guidance, it enables displaced young people to plan their progression into higher education and is a helpful reference tool for their teachers, careers advisors and support workers.


'A journey from...'

These BBC Learning Zone short films are an excellent representation of the various backgrounds, journeys and stories of the young asylum seekers we work with.

Hamid: A Journey from Eritrea

Hamid’s father knew secret information about the Eritrean government, which officials didn’t want him to know in case he told other people. Government officials threatened him and his family, which is why Hamid and his mother had to flee their home and come to the UK.


Education for a hopeful future

Watch our video to hear RSN Founder and Director, Catherine Gladwell, speak about the vision behind our work.

Appeal Rights Exhausted young people facing forced removal to Afghanistan: A guide for practitioners

This guide aims to equip UK-based practitioners to better support ARE young Afghans, bringing together practical learning from both the UK and Kabul-based streams of our Youth on the Move programme.

We do not think it is in the best interests of young people to be forcibly returned, however we want to ensure that - while this policy remains in place - young people get the support and help they need to...

After Return: documenting the experiences of young people forcibly removed to Afghanistan

After Return documents the experiences of former child asylum seekers who have been forcibly removed to Afghanistan after turning 18, filling a vital evidence gap in their education, employment, health and wellbeing outcomes.