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Tamana and Louise: safety, belonging and optimism

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“I would like to carry on my education and be a midwife. I’d like to study very hard.”

Tamana, who came to the UK from Afghanistan when she was just 16, shares her hopes for the future. And her mentor, Louise, explains why she has chosen to volunteer with RSN to help Tamana improve her...

"A computer can be life-changing"

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A deadly journey for children: the migration route from North Africa to Europe

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(This content is from UNICEF's press release. The full press release and the report can be found here on the UNICEF website )

A new report from UNICEF - ‘A Deadly Journey for Children: The Central Mediterranean Migrant Route...

Cardiff teenager faces fight to avoid being sent back to Afghanistan

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19 year old Bashir Naderi fled Afghanistan at the age of 10 after his father was shot by the Taliban.

Thousands of people are now campaigning for him to stay in the UK in the face of his forced return to Afghanistan.


Committed to communities

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Much of what we do at RSN is rooted in local communities.

One of the ways we do this is in trying to match newly arrived unaccompanied minors with educational mentors who live in their local communities, as much as possible. We love to see people get to know those who are new to the country, who...

Vote for Anna!

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Help Anna win a bursary to study Law

We recently came across Anna's story. She fled to the UK having suffered years of persecution because of her religion, but after settling in was taken to a detention centre and deported back to her country. Having escaped a second time to the UK,...

How to enable refused young asylum seekers to move forward

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“P.S. It’s hard being an asylum seeker.”

These were the words of a young person we’ve been supporting to move forward in her education. As she waits for a decision on her asylum claim, hoping to receive protection and permission to remain in the UK, she is unable to get funding to study...

3 things you need to know about life for young returnees in Afghanistan

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RSN team member, Bryony Norman, has just returned from a month in Afghanistan. Alongside our Kabul-based colleague, Abdul Ghafoor, she conducted interviews with young people who had spent their formative years in the UK’s care system before being forcibly removed to Afghanistan on turning 18....

“What’s going to happen tomorrow?”: unaccompanied children refused asylum

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"It’s the same problem for all of us. We don’t know what’s going to happen to tomorrow. You can’t plan your future.”

Just before Easter, the Office of the Children’s Commissioner published...

"As long as you use your full potential you can accomplish anything"

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As we thought about what we wanted to celebrate on International Women’s Day, we immediately thought of the many girls and young women we have had the privilege of getting to know through our work. Not only do we believe that it is especially important to invest in young women to see...


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