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RSN launches new educational mentoring hub in Birmingham

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We are thrilled to announce that we've expanded our educational mentoring programme to a second city outside of London: Birmingham.

Carolyn Burke , who coordinated our west London mentoring scheme and worked on our...

Tamana and Louise: safety, belonging and optimism

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“I would like to carry on my education and be a midwife. I’d like to study very hard.”

Tamana, who came to the UK from Afghanistan when she was just 16, shares her hopes for the future. And her mentor, Louise, explains why she has chosen to volunteer with RSN to help Tamana improve her...

RSN launches new educational mentoring hub in Oxford

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We are delighted to announce that we've started working in Oxford; the first city outside of London where we are running our educational mentoring programme. Oxford is home to a significant number of unaccompanied asylum-seeking children (UASC), from countries like Afghanistan and Eritrea, as...

"A computer can be life-changing"

News article - a technology...

Invisible wounds: refugee children and mental health

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“When the war came, all the Syrian children forgot everything they learned and now know nothing else except war. I feel like I’ve seen so many terrible things. I lost out on two years of school, and my brother has grown up and has hardly studied at all. What if I get old and I continue on this...

'Genuine' refugees? 'Genuine' children?

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As the first refugee children have started to arrive from the closing camps in Calais, we’re saddened and concerned by much of the media coverage which has focussed on the ages of those arriving, questioning whether or not they are 'genuine children'....

New volunteer mentors: trained and ready to go

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The beginning of the academic year is always a buzzing time for RSN mentoring programme.

As young people start new courses, we match them up with a volunteer mentor to support them towards their educational goals and to help them grow in confidence and become more integrated in their communities...

How can Britain welcome refugees?

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RSN's Director, Catherine Gladwell, talks to Dermot Murnaghan (Sky News) about how Britain can respond to the Refugee Crisis.

As local authorities and national governments discuss policies for welcoming refugees, in this interview Catherine Gladwell calls for a clear system to ensure...

How big a difference could a small investment of your time make?

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Meet Natasha, Amy and Jamie; three of our fantastic educational mentors working with unaccompanied asylum seeking children across London. Here is a snapshot of why they mentor, what a typical mentoring session look like for them and the impact which they feel mentoring makes to the lives of...

Committed to communities

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Much of what we do at RSN is rooted in local communities.

One of the ways we do this is in trying to match newly arrived unaccompanied minors with educational mentors who live in their local communities, as much as possible. We love to see people get to know those who are new to the country, who...


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