Ethos and values

Why we do what we do

RSN was founded in 2009 by members of Community Church Harlesden (West London) with widespread experience working in the refugee sector and international development.

We believe that one of the practical outworkings of the Christian faith is to provide care, support and welcome to the displaced, the disadvantaged and the poor. Our Christian theology shapes our view of the individual as a holistic being, with both physical and spiritual needs.

RSN works with and supports young asylum seekers, refugees and survivors of trafficking whatever their faith, religion or beliefs. 

We are signatories to the Faithworks Charter of best practice.


The values that underpin our work


We value the cooperation and input of other partner organisations, institutions and individuals. We honour and promote the good work that is done by others, and advocate this culture of affirmation within the non-profit sector. We strive to support our partners in their organisational development wherever possible.


We embody the home in our place of work and in relation to those we work with, by being welcoming, accepting and attentive to their needs and concerns. We value all young people’s stories and recognise their resilience and capabilities.

Respect, inclusivity and equality:

We respect diversity and are inclusive to all young refugees, asylum seekers and survivors of trafficking regardless of their background, race, religion or gender. In turn, we expect these young people to respect our position on tolerance and equality.

Flexibility and dynamism:

In an ever-changing world, we are flexible and dynamic in developing needs based projects which are sensitive to the demands of changing refugee, asylum and migrant trends. Our decision-making is guided by the needs of those we support rather than by funding trends and opportunities.

Integrity and transparency:

We choose to uphold integrity and transparency in all relationships, prioritising honesty and understanding, believing this to be the best way to serve young people and to build partnerships with other organisations and institutions.

Belief in hope:

We believe in the profound capabilities of individuals who are open to hope and are committed to nurturing their aspirations, enabling and working with young people to help them look to the future with positivity. We aim to empower the uprooted and provide support that enables them to root themselves within society and communities, while being realistic about the multiple futures that they face.